Wednesday, June 20, 2012

:: She Is the LeBron James of Pole Dancing, Meet Jenyne Butterfly::

Pole dancing is sexy, healthy and most of all entertaining! I'm no expert when it comes to this art form, but after watching a video of Jenyne Butterfly the only thing that popped into my head was damn she is GOOD!

She is SO GOOD, I had to say she could be the LeBron James of pole dancing! Mind You (& Yes There is always a MIND YOU Factor in every situation) I don't know all the pole dancers out there!

So, if you think you can find a better pole dancer, send us the video link so we can post it up on BATT TUBE LIVE! 

Send the video link to or tweet it to @BattTubeLive !!

But for now check out the lovely and VERY talented, Jenyne Butterfly.

2011 International Pole & Exotic Dance Fitness Convention

Jenyne Butterfly on The Ellen Show

Quick Pointers from Jenyne Butterfly in this Pole Connexion interview

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